Where Can I Buy Horse Meat: Location Near to You

Where Can I Buy Horse Meat? Horse meat can be purchased from a variety of sources. It is available in some supermarkets and butchers, especially in countries with a long history of eating horse meat. You may also find it online from speciality suppliers or at ethnic markets or butcher shops that specialize in exotic meats.

Horse meat is not legal to sell for human consumption in all parts of the world (such as the United States), so you should check your local laws before purchasing it. Additionally, you should always buy your horsemeat from reputable suppliers who follow proper sanitation rules when handling and preparing the product.

Horse meat is becoming increasingly popular in some parts of the world, and if you’re wondering where to buy it, there are a few options. You can find horse meat for sale at specialty butchers or ethnic grocers that specialize in animal proteins like beef, pork and poultry. Additionally, many online food stores offer horse meat for purchase from reputable sources.

Depending on where you live, it may not be possible to find horse meat locally; however, with the rise of online shopping and delivery services such as Instacart or Amazon Fresh, it’s never been easier to get your hands on this unique delicacy!

Where to Buy Horse Meat Near Me

If you’re looking for horse meat near you, there are a few places that sell it. In the United States, you can find it in specialty stores or slaughterhouses, as well as online from vendors like True Carnivore and Exotic Meats USA. You may also be able to find horse meat at butchers or farmers’ markets if they offer exotic meats.

Otherwise, ordering online is your best bet for finding high-quality horse meat near you.

Where Can I Buy Horse Meat

Is Horse Meat Sold in Stores?

Horse meat is not a common item in most supermarkets, but it can be found in some stores. In the United States and parts of Europe, horse meat is available for purchase at specialty butcher shops or ethnic markets. Horse meat is also used as an ingredient in pet food and animal feed.

The availability of horse meat varies greatly depending on location; while it is widely eaten in some countries such as France and Belgium, it’s rarely seen elsewhere. Many cultures have had a long history of consuming horse meat—a tradition that dates back to ancient times—but its popularity has waned over the years due to changing attitudes about animals and their welfare. It should also be noted that there are strict regulations regarding the processing and sale of horsemeat; these vary from country to country so if you’re looking for this type of product, make sure you do your research first!

Is It Legal to Buy Horse Meat in the Us?

The short answer to the question of whether it is legal to buy horse meat in the US is yes. Horse meat is legal for sale and consumption in many states, although restrictions may apply depending on local laws. In some states, such as California and Illinois, it is illegal to slaughter horses or sell their meat for human consumption.

However, other states allow its sale with certain regulations in place – typically requiring a certificate of inspection from an accredited agency before selling the product. Even if a state does not outlaw horsemeat altogether, there are still guidelines that must be followed when buying and preparing it for eating purposes. The Humane Society of the United States recommends consulting your state’s Department of Agriculture prior to purchasing horsemeat since each state has different rules regarding its production and sale.

Furthermore, some federal agencies restrict imports from foreign countries due to possible contamination from drugs given to horses during their lifetimes. As such, make sure you know where your product came from if you choose to purchase it legally within the US borders.

What Shop Sold Horse Meat?

Horse meat is an often controversial ingredient that has been eaten in many cultures around the world for centuries. In recent years, there have been reports of horse meat being sold in shops across Europe and North America. Not all countries allow the sale of horse meat and those that do need to be sure they are following specific laws regarding labeling, hygiene, and food safety standards.

For example, in Canada, it is illegal to sell horsemeat without a permit from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). In France, where horsemeat is popularly used as an ingredient in dishes such as steak tartare or carbonnade flamande, butchers must obtain special permission from local authorities before selling it. The most common source of commercially available horsemeat comes from abattoirs licensed by equine welfare organizations like United Horsemen’s Association or Equidae International Health & Welfare Alliance.

While some specialized stores may also carry small quantities of frozen or vacuum-packed cuts of fresh horsemeat if they are located near a licensed abattoir; this type of shop would typically be quite rare outside major metropolitan areas with large populations who regularly consume it.

Where Can I Find Horse Meat in the Us?

Horse meat can be found in some places throughout the United States. The most common way to find horse meat is through specialty butcher shops, farmers’ markets, and online retailers. Some states allow the sale of processed horse meat from slaughterhouses while others ban or restrict it entirely.

Horsemeat is legal for consumption in all 50 states but may not always be available on store shelves due to its rarity and high price tag when compared with other meats. In California, Colorado, Texas and some other Western states you can often find fresh cuts of horsemeat at local ethnic stores or farmer’s markets run by Native Americans who are allowed to sell their own game animals including unprocessed horsemeat. It’s also possible to order frozen packages of ground or diced horsemeat directly from suppliers located around the country, although this option isn’t as widely available as purchasing locally sourced products.

These Companies Were Caught Selling Horse Meat!


In conclusion, horse meat is a readily available food source in many parts of the world. While it may not be as widely available in the United States as other meats, there are still several sources to purchase horse meat from if you so choose. Whether you want to try something new or just feed your family an alternative protein source, buying horse meat can be a great option.

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