Can You Ride a Pregnant Horse: The Risks Factors

Can you ride a pregnant horse? No, riding a horse while pregnant is not recommended. Horses are large and powerful animals that can easily become startled or panic when carrying extra weight such as a rider. If a pregnant mare were to startle or be frightened, the risk of injury to both the horse and its unborn foal is great.

Additionally, the physical stress of being ridden could cause complications in the pregnancy leading to premature birth or death of the foal. For these reasons, it is best to refrain from riding any horse that has been determined to be pregnant until after she has safely delivered her baby.

  • Prepare the Horse: Before riding a pregnant horse, you should properly groom it and check for any signs of illness or injury that might be dangerous to ride on
  • Make sure the saddle fits correctly and is comfortable for your horse’s size and shape
  • Check with Your Veterinarian: It is important to consult with your veterinarian before riding a pregnant mare as there are certain risks that come with riding during pregnancy, such as premature labor or miscarriage
  • Ride in an Open Space: When beginning to ride your pregnant horse, make sure you do so in an open space where she can move freely without obstacles
  • This will help her stay relaxed while being ridden and reduce the risk of injury from tripping over objects on the ground or becoming startled by sudden movement or sound nearby
  • Stick To A Gentle Pace: While riding a pregnant horse, stick to gentle paces like walking or trotting only; avoid galloping at all costs as this could cause undue stress on both you and your horse’s body which could result in harm during pregnancy stages of gestation periods due to increased weight loadings & balance changes within her body structure/formations
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  • Be Mindful Of Time Spent Riding: Pregnant horses should not be ridden for long periods of time (more than 30 minutes) nor too often (more than once per week)
  • Take frequent breaks & ensure adequate rest times between rides – this will allow her body enough time to recover & recuperate fully prior to further physical exertion/strenuous activities taking place again upon their next scheduled outing together!

How to Tell If a Horse is Pregnant

Most people are not able to tell if a horse is pregnant until it is far along in the pregnancy. However, some signs that your horse may be pregnant can include changes in appetite, weight gain and an enlarged abdomen. If you suspect your horse might be pregnant, contact a veterinarian for confirmation.

Can You Ride a Pregnant Horse

How Far Along Can You Ride a Pregnant Horse?

When it comes to riding a pregnant horse, the general consensus is that it’s best not to ride at all during the first trimester. As your horse progresses into her second and third trimesters, you may be able to take short rides of no more than 30 minutes in duration. However, this depends on your specific situation and should always be discussed with your veterinarian before attempting any type of activity.

During pregnancy, horses experience hormonal changes, added weight from the fetus as well as an increase in blood flow throughout their bodies which can cause issues like laminitis or other complications which could put both you and the mare at risk if ridden too far along in her pregnancy. It’s important to note that each pregnant horse will have different levels of fitness so it is essential that you understand what limitations are appropriate for each individual animal prior to starting any sort of activity program while they are carrying a foal.

When Should You Not Ride a Pregnant Mare?

When it comes to riding a pregnant mare, there are certain times when it should be avoided. The most important time is during the last trimester of pregnancy and for up to two months post-foaling. During this period, the unborn foal is still growing and developing within its mother’s womb and any added stress or strain from riding could easily cause harm or even death of the unborn foal.

Other times that you should not ride a pregnant mare include if she has an underlying medical condition such as laminitis or arthritis; if she appears uncomfortable in any way due to her current state (e.g., showing signs of discomfort); if she exhibits abnormal behavior such as getting overly excited; or if your veterinarian advises against it for whatever reason. By avoiding riding a pregnant mare at these critical stages in her gestation, you will help ensure both her health and wellbeing, as well as that of her unborn foal!

Can I Ride My Mare When She is in Foal?

It is generally not recommended to ride a mare when she is in foal, as the extra weight of the baby can put stress on her body and harm both her and the unborn foal. Additionally, it increases the risk of premature birth or other complications due to jostling that may occur while riding. If you must ride your mare while she’s pregnant, always consult with your veterinarian first for their advice and recommendations.

They will be able to help you determine if it’s safe for both mother and foal depending on your mare’s health status and stage of pregnancy. Furthermore, even if they approve of riding during pregnancy, it should only be done at a walk in an area free from obstacles or uneven terrain which could cause further strain or injury. And when possible avoid using any type of bit – use a halter instead – so that there is less pressure placed on sensitive areas like her mouth or teeth during this time.

How Long Should You Wait to Ride a Horse After It Gives Birth?

When it comes to riding a horse after they have given birth, you should wait at least two months before getting on the horse. This is because during the first two months after giving birth, your horse’s body is still healing and its hormones are out of balance. In this time period, your horse’s metabolism can be all over the place as well as her energy levels so it’s best to avoid putting too much strain on them in those first few weeks.

Additionally, any physical activity like riding could disturb the bonding process between mother and foal and put additional stress on both animals. During this recovery period give your mare plenty of rest and focus on providing good nutrition for her so that she can build up strength again without becoming overly stressed or fatigued from being ridden too soon.

Ask the Vet – How long can you ride a pregnant mare?


Overall, it is important to remember that riding a pregnant horse can be done, but it should only be done with caution and in moderation. With proper guidance from a veterinarian or qualified trainer, you can ride your pregnant mare safely while also giving her the exercise she needs. Ultimately, taking the time to understand what is safe for both you and your horse will ensure that all parties are happy and healthy during this special time.

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