Will a Horse Drink Bad Water: The Surprising Answer
Will a horse drink bad water? Yes, a horse will drink bad water. Horses are known to be hardy animals and will often take whatever is available in terms of food and water. However, this does not mean it’s...
Why Does My Horse Lick Me: Know the Reasons
Why does my horse lick me? Horses may lick their owners for several reasons. The primary reason a horse licks its owner is that it’s seeking attention or affection. Horses are social animals, and...
When is It Too Hot to Ride a Horse
When is It Too Hot to Ride a Horse? It is generally accepted that temperatures above 85°F (29.4°C) can be too hot for riding a horse. Horses are sensitive to heat, and when the temperature rises they are...
Do Horses Get Cold
Do Horses Get Cold
The horse owners often get confused and asked do horses get cold. Yes, horses can get cold. They are very sensitive to temperature changes and if their body temperature drops too low, it can be dangerous...
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