Best Fly Masks for Horses

Top 5 Best Fly Masks for Horses – Shielding Elegance and Comfort!

Top Picks for Fly Masks

Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask-Best for Full Facial Protection

Harrison Howard All Round Mesh Horse Fly Mask- Best for Hot Weather

Cashel Crusader Standard Fly- Best for Comfortable Design

TGW RIDING Horse Fly Mask Super Comfort- Best for Breathability

Harrison Howard Super Comfort Horse Fly Mask- Best for Lightweight Design

Whether riding or working, nothing is more irritating for a horse than being pestered by flies. As the weather warms up, fly populations surge. This is when fly masks take center stage, shielding sensitive eyes and facial areas from biting and disease-carrying insects.

In this article, we evaluate the top-rated fly masks on the market. we found many masks promote airflow and aren’t too hot or bothersome for horses. Our hands-on product testing identified features like adjustability, fit, and breathability to give you peace of mind.

By choosing from our list of the best fly masks for horses, you can join thousands of other owners in ensuring their horses’ comfort while still allowing them to enjoy quality time together throughout the summer.

Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask with Long Nose and Ears

Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask

This durable fly mask from Cashel provides full facial coverage to protect a horse’s sensitive nose and ears. Its soft nylon micromesh material is breathable while shielding up to 70% of harmful UV rays.

A unique three-hole cap design protects the material from the eyes without restricting vision. With adjustable ear openings and natural fitting, this mask allows freedom of movement without hindrance.

Its long nose coverage and wraparound ear flaps provide maximum sun and insect protection for sensitive facial areas. Secure yet comfortable, this mask is a reliable choice for equitable fly and sun protection.

Key Features:

  • Provides coverage of nose, ears, forehead and eyes
  • Soft nylon micromesh material is durable and breathable
  • Unique three-hole cap design allows space while securing forelock
  • Shields from 70% of UV rays


  • Provides full facial protection from flies and sun
  • Comfortable material that is gentle on horse’s skin
  • Natural field of vision maintained
  • Durable design stands up to regular use


  • Some horses may find it restrictive
    • More enclosed design could trap heat compared to mesh-only masks

Harrison Howard All Round Mesh Horse Fly Mask

Harrison Howard All Round Mesh Horse Fly Mask

This lightweight fly mask from Harrison Howard uses a mesh construction for ventilation and visibility. A fleece edge around the eyes and chin cushion contact areas for extra comfort.

Its stretchy design conforms well while still allowing airflow. Generous eye and ear openings maintain natural vision without obstructing peeks or rubs. Bold color options including Mint suit many tastes.

Moreover, the UVA/UVB blocking and an adjustable chin strap makes this mask effective to shields facial skin from sun and flying pests.

Key Features:

  • Breathable mesh construction
  • Fleece edging for comfort
  • Generous eye and ear coverage
  • Soft fabric stretches for an adjustable fit
  • Bright color options


  • Lightweight and breathable for hot weather
    • Padded edges prevent chafing
    • Easy to put on and adjust as needed
    • Maintains horse’s visibility and airflow


  • Smaller sizes may not fit larger breeds
    • Mesh material could tear if snagged
    • Elastic could lose elasticity over time

Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask, Grey, Horse

Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask, Grey, Horse

This standard mask from Cashel is made of breathable nylon micromesh that offers UV blocking and fly protection. Its patented three-hole cap design holds the mesh away from eyes without restricting vision or mobility.

Coverage around the forehead and eyes shields sensitive areas. This lightweight option allows natural vision and flexibility of movement while effectively screening the face.

Besides, the fit customized by Cashel’s years of experience, this basic yet effective mask remains a popular choice for equine sun and fly protection.

Key Features:

  • Soft nylon micromesh material
  • Unique three-hole cap design
  • Covers forehead and eyes for protection
  • Allows natural field of vision
  • Shields from 70% of UV rays


  • Breathable and comfortable design
  • Durable material stands up to wear
  • Effective UV and fly protection
  • Natural vision and flexibility of movement


  • Not as full facial coverage as other models
  • May need adjusting to get a secure fit

TGW RIDING Horse Fly Mask Super Comfort Horse Fly

TGW RIDING Horse Fly Mask Super Comfort Horse Fly

This roomy fly mask from TGW RIDING uses soft, stretchy fabric for ease of use. Full facial coverage including ears blocks biting bugs and sun’s rays. The one-piece design has no fasteners for simpler on/off.

Nylon fabric wraps comfortably from ear to forehead. A secure fit and absence of straps or buckles suits horses prone to removing traditional masks. Breathable mesh permits full visibility without hindrance.

Its stretch fabric and secure closure make this a practical choice to protect horses’ sensitive faces.

Key Features:

  • Soft, stretchy fabric construction
  • Full facial coverage including ears
  • One-piece design without buckles or fasteners
  • UV protective mesh material


  • Comfortable and stretchy for a flexible fit
  • Easy on and off without additional clasps
  • Breathable and protective design
  • Withstands regular wear and washing


  • Elastic fit may not work for all head sizes
    • Could ride up with head movement
    • Mesh material could rip with biting or rubbing

Harrison Howard Super Comfort Stretchy Fitting Horse Fly Mask

Harrison Howard Super Comfort Stretchy Fitting Horse Fly Mask

This lightweight fly mask from Harrison Howard uses a stretchy fabric for comfort and coverage. Attractive patterned designs uplift ranch style. A soft inner lining cushions contact areas.

Generously cut eye and ear spaces maintain vision without obstruction. The stretchy design adapts comfortably while shielding from flies and the sun’s rays.

Breathable construction keeps skin ventilation. Adjustable chin closure provides a personalized fit. Thoughtful features promise effective facial protection done delicately.

Key Features:

  • Soft, stretchy fabric
    • Full coverage face mask
    • Padded edges for comfort
    • Breathable mesh construction
    • Bright patterned designs


  • Lightweight and flexible design
    • Adjustable fit stretches for security
    • Padding prevents chafing or rubbing
    • Breathable material stays comfortable
    • Attractive patterns and colors


  • Elastic could lose stretch over time
    • Mesh material risks tearing if snagged
    • May not be durable with rough/biting horses

Health Benefits of Using Fly Masks

Fly masks provide horses with significant health benefits by protecting them from flies.

One of the primary advantages is preventing UV-induced eye conditions. Horses cannot blink or squint like humans, so their eyes are constantly exposed to the sun’s harsh rays. This puts them at risk for sunburn on eye areas and potentially more serious issues like melanoma if unprotected. Fly masks shield sensitive eye tissues from damaging UV rays.

Additionally, fly masks help minimize stress and irritability in horses caused by flies. Pesky insects can be extremely bothersome for horses, leading them to express stress behaviors like tail swishing and head tossing.

This disruptive behavior is eliminated when flies can find no bare skin to bite. Horses seem calmer and better able to focus with a fly mask providing relief. Fly-free horses may also expend less energy spent reacting to flies that would otherwise hamper performance.

Choosing the Right Fly Mask for Specific Breeds

When selecting fly masks, it’s important to consider a horse’s breed characteristics. Not all standard sizes and styles will fit every breed comfortably. Tailoring solutions to different horse breeds help address their unique challenges.

For example, masks for pony breeds need to be smaller and more snug fitting than standard masks. Their petite facial features require close-molded masks without extra material that could become tangled in manes.

Arabian horses, with their fine, silky manes, demand masks carefully designed not to catch or pull hair. Warmbloods and draft breeds need roomier masks able to accommodate their larger heads and thick necks.

Mesh styles suit hot-climate breeds like Quarter Horses, mustangs, and ponies which need maximum airflow. Nylon covers are best for thin-skinned breeds prone to sunburn like Morgans.

Taking the time to choose a fly mask fabricated with a particular breed in mind ensures a more comfortable fit and fewer adjustments, so horses can concentrate on their work instead of an ill-fitting mask. Specialized sizing allows every breed the protection of a well-fitted face shield.


  1. What are the key benefits of using fly masks for horses?

Ans: Protection from UV rays, minimize stress from flies, keep horses healthier.

B. Can fly masks be worn during riding sessions?

Ans: Yes, many fly masks allow for visibility and don’t bother horses during work.

C. How often should I replace my horse’s fly mask?

Ans: Plan to replace every season or if it gets dirty/damaged to keep up protection.

D. Are their specific fly masks for horses with allergies?

Ans: Yes, some feature additional liner materials suitable for allergy-prone coats.

E. Do fly masks protect against ticks and other parasites?

Ans: No, fly masks don’t protect from ticks/other parasites that don’t bother eyes. Targeted treatments needed.

Final Word

In conclusion, our review of top-rated fly masks identified options for protective solutions suitable for all horse breeds. We examined important criteria like fit, breathability, and adjustability.

Regardless of discipline or breed type, fly masks provide benefits like blocking UV rays, relieving irritation from flies. They allow horses and owners alike to enjoy quality time together without disruption from flies throughout summer months.

Whether you prioritize eye protection, behavioral calmness or barrier against disease, we highlighted the best fly masks catering to unique needs. Choosing from our recommendations means equipping your horse partner with reliable defense against summer flies.

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